Our Commitment

Guardian Angel Home Care Staff will:

1. Always identify themselves to customers
2. Listen carefully to what you have to say
3. Always be very helpful, polite and courteous
4. Make an extra effort to make sure your care is our number one priority
5. Go that extra mile to make sure you are happy with our service
6. Follow through on home care commitments they make
7. Value and encourage your feedback

Guardian Angel Home Care Information we provide:

8. Will be easy to access
9. Will be accurate and consistent
10. Will be relevant and practical

Guardian Angel Home Care actions will be:

11. Very fair and impartial
12. Completed within an identified time frame
13. Take your individual deeds into consideration
14. Treated strictly on confidential basis

You are most welcome to provide feedback on our services by completing our customer service feedback form
available on our website or contact our customer service team on (03) 9547 9459 during office hours.