Personal & Care Staff Bank

      G.A.H.C Pty. Ltd. and all of our employees are committed to providing
      extraordinary care to all our customers, caregivers, aged care facilities’,
      hospitals, physicians, private payers and communities we serve. We only
      employ staff who are passionate to work with the elderly in a home
      environment or an aged care environment.

      Our staff selection process is very stringent
      to make sure we screen all our staff
      carefully and select the right staff with the
      right behaviors to ensure you get the best
      care with minimum disruption to customers
      life style. All our staff has undergone a
      police check.


  Our staffs are empathetic and
  caring to everyone they encounter.
  We are happy to say that we 
  perform quality work to meet the
  needs of our clients and maintain
  excellent benefits and competitive
  pay for our employees.

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